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So, some stuff happened.

2016-02-19 17:37:18 by QJrocks

First off, I've been on Newgrounds for a whole year today! Normally I'd tell you guys to go look at my old music to see how far I've come, but don't. It'll like hurt your ears. If you want to listen to something old of mine, listen to Clear Skies. It's my first decent track. On the off-chance that you risk your ears and sanity and find a song with potential, tell me. I could probably remix it.

On the note of remixes, I remixed my first song ever made in celebration of being here one year! Don't listen to the original. It should be up in a few minutes.

Oddly, when I went to go upload it, Newgrounds made me fill in a location and birthday to subit music. Since I'm not comfortable with giving out personal information like that, I used fake ones. So, no, I'm not actually 46. That was the just the result of me using the most MLG of birthdays, 4/20/69 (⌐■_■)▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

Thanks for wading your way through this massive wall of text, and keep listening on!



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2016-03-23 00:35:15

The MLG birthdays are real.

QJrocks responds:

Indeed they are.


2016-10-09 05:41:32

And I didn't even know you created songs until today.

QJrocks responds:

I'm unnoticed RIP